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Two of the ‘greatest rescue dogs of all time’ need a loving new home

Two of the “greatest rescue dogs of all time” are looking for generous owners who can shower them with love and attention. Can you help ?

Newfoundland Chas and St Bernard Bella, who have a combined total weight of 134kg, are the largest dogs to have stayed at the Dogs Trust West London rescue centre. Although the gorgeous puppies get along well with children, they will need to have a home with a large yard due to their size.

“Bella and Chas are by far the biggest dogs we have ever had here in West London, and they both expect owners with big hearts,” said Richard Moore, who manages Dogs Trust West London. “Our team describes them both as ‘big friendly giants’ who love affection and hugs.

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“Bella is a super adorable kid, who loves tasty treats, or as many as she can get her paws on! Chas is a giant dog who has no idea how big he is, so he’ll need owners who don’t care a great cuddly companion. Both dogs would love families who can dedicate the time to give them all the love and attention they rightly deserve.”

big dog bella needs to be adopted

If you want to adopt Chas, be aware that he hasn’t figured out his size, so he’ll need owners who aren’t afraid of cozy hugs. Meanwhile, Bella needs owners who don’t consider themselves proud of their home because her fluffy coat can be mistreating. The duo can be adopted together or separately.

dog cha needs to be adopted

For more information on Chas’ repatriation, see here. To give Bella a loving new home, go here.

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