Rescue dogs

This former Canadian professional cyclist is helping save dogs from Ukraine

Former professional cyclist Chloë Black is in Romania to help rescue the many dogs that were left alone following the mass exodus of Ukrainians from their country following the Russian invasion.

Black was a high performance road and track cyclist who competed on the professional circuit in Canada and the United States. She was also a member of the national team from 1995 to 2000, competing in France, New Zealand, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba and the United States.

On April 17, she flew to Romania to join a volunteer group that helps support dogs left behind. The group is an all-volunteer group that came together to build an animal shelter in Arad, Romania. The shelter aims to house 800 animals. Their ultimate goal is to reunite animals with their owners. If that doesn’t happen, the plan is to find homes in other parts of Europe.

“The day of the invasion, I felt so angry and helpless,” Black said, in an interview with kawarthaNOW. “I had closely followed the construction by working with a man from Ukraine. He immediately lost contact with his family as they are in Irpin. Alex is a wonderful man and he and his wife lost contact with their family for over two weeks, not knowing if they were alive.

Watching the news and learning about all the pets that have been abandoned was her call to action. “I needed to do something,” Black said. “Like everyone else, feelings of anger at such needless destruction and loss of life overwhelmed me. I love people and wanted to help people, but animals have been a victim of this war that has left me broke my heart.

Black plans to stay in Romania for five weeks and is currently helping build the new shelter.

“The grief I feel about the conditions the animals are in motivates us all to work harder and faster. I’m learning so much about this situation and how complicated it is. She posted. “But every single person here won’t be stopped. We’re all on the same page and we’re here for the animals.