Dog competition

The St Neots Street Food Festival held a great hot dog competition

12:05 14 September 2021

2:28 PM September 14, 2021

A street food festival in St Neots was a resounding success with many people taking part in a foot long hot dog contest.

On Sunday 12th September at St Neots Rugby Club the festival welcomed hundreds of attendees who enjoyed all day activities, musical acts and great food.

The festival was organized by Bohemia, Stallion Events and Shifties and its main sponsor was Premier Plus.

Many people participated in the one foot hot dog contest.
– Credit: Jason Whittingham

A foot-long hot dog contest was held all day hosted by Badgers Artisan Foods.

There were also over 15 food vans to choose from, including The Jerk Hub, Nanna Mexico, The Biscuiterie and many more.

A foot-long hot dog contest was held all day

A foot-long hot dog contest was held all day
– Credit: Jason Whittingham

Shifties founder Alex Hughes said: “The event ticked all the boxes for Shifties, bringing people together through a community-focused event like this.

The turnout was phenomenal and those who supported the event made it a very successful collaboration.

“A big thank you to the team behind Street Food Fest, our Premier Plus main sponsor and the amazing people at St Neots who supported it.

“There is no doubt that we will be back next year!

Duo Joyrider performed at the event.

Duo Joyrider performed at the event.
– Credit: Jason Whittingham

“We had live bands such as Joyrider and that meant families could just bring their chairs, we provided benches and things like that.”

Paul Warmington, Chairman of St Neots Rugby Club, said: “What a great event to attend and a pleasure to host, we believe Rugby Club should be at the heart of our community and what a way to start.

“It was great to see so many people come and join in what has undoubtedly been a huge success.

“Bravo to all the participants and we look forward to the next one.”

Kevin Hull, Managing Director of Premier Plus, said: “Premier Plus is once again very proud to be part of our community.

Louisa & Carla, Stallion Events Ltd, said: “Stallion Events were delighted to be part of the work force working with Shifties and Bohemia to bring our brilliant community together again.

Ashley Skipp and James Larman, founders of Bohemia, said: “We were thrilled to see Street Food Fest 2.0 happen again, as lovers of food and people, the event took place on all foreheads.

Thank you to the entire team who made this possible and we look forward to bringing more to the public in 2022.”