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The public is encouraged to own Asong Pinoy or Iron Bisaya

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July 10, 2022

ASPIN stands for Asong Pinoy, a Tagalog term for mixed-breed dogs native to the Philippines.

It is high time that the true blue Cebuano dogs had their own nickname in the local language: Bisro (Bisayang Iro), Irobis (Irong Bisaya) or Irobisdak (Iro nga Bisayang Dako). Whichever one one prefers, they still mean – a dog bred in Bisaya-speaking areas like Cebu.

The public was urged not to look away from Aspin or Bisro, Irobis, Irobisdak.

For the 12th Asong Pinoy and Local Rabies Awareness to be held at Plaza Sugbo near Cebu City Hall on July 17, 2022, Veterinarian Dr. Jessica Maribojoc from the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Fisheries (DVMF) said they would promote Aspin, especially Ferg Bisaya.

Maribojoc said these native dogs are able to show loyalty to their owners, just like purebred dogs.

“Gusto namo i-highlight nga despite nga 100 percent Bisaya sila, even mahatag nila nga love its owner. Loyalty is the same as the pedigree of the dog,” Dr Maribojoc told reporters at a press conference on Friday July 8.

(We would like to point out that although they are 100% Bisaya, they can give the same love to the owner. Their loyalty is the same as that of a purebred dog.)

For her part, Island Rescue Organization (IRO) President Annalyn Arizpuro said Aspin should be promoted more to the public.


At the July 17 event, Maribojoc said there will be fun and challenging activities that highlight the relationship between pet and owner.

Contest winners will receive lifetime veterinary services sponsored by their partners.

Maribojoc also encouraged the participation of cat owners as the DVMF will be offering free rabies vaccination to cats and dogs on the day of the event.

bad pet owners

The vet also reminded the public that if you’re not a good pet owner, you shouldn’t bother adopting a pet. Bad pet owners, she says, often leave their pets all over the place or along the streets.

As for the IRO, Arizpuro said it has more than 160 rescued dogs and 25 cats at its facility.

She said aspins are the usual victims of hit-and-runs as they have no homes but the streets.

To protect aspins on the streets, IRO produced “Brake for Animals” stickers. These stickers are affixed to private cars and taxis to remind drivers to slow down for animals on the streets.

Arizpuro said July 17 that the IRO is open to help people with animal welfare concerns or if they want to file a complaint against someone who has mistreated an animal.

She recalled that they had been able to file a complaint against three animal abusers: a policeman, a foreigner and a sailor.


Arizpuro stressed that having a companion dog is a lifetime commitment and that owners should not abandon their pets if they become ill or develop deformities.

With that, Dr. Maribojoc said that the DVMF is working towards the realization of welfare desks in police stations in Cebu City to respond immediately to reports of animal abuse in the


Asong Pinoy Day was first celebrated in 2010 through the initiative of the Cebu City Government.