Dog competition

The North America Diving Dogs competition takes place at the Longview Rodeo Arena

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) — They fly through the air with the utmost ease, and that’s because they know they’ll have a soft landing. The North America Diving Dogs competition returns to Longview as part of the AKC Dog Show at the Longview Activity Complex.

You never know who will join a new four-legged friend and leap forward for that stubborn world record, but that hasn’t happened since 2019 with a 36-foot two-inch jump. However, Fang, Jenny Pike’s dog, is made to fly.

“He’s got a personal best of 31 feet and is averaging about 30 feet on every jump right now,” Jenny said.

Fang progresses little by little.

“Before this event, he was ranked 13th in North America Diving Dogs, which is that organization, out of over 2,200 dogs,” Jenny said.

This is Fang’s second year of competition, but if he wasn’t so good, would they still do it?

“Dogs love it, and it’s fun to do here in the scorching Texas summer,” Jenny said.

I guess they are both addicted.

“I find it difficult because he depends a lot on how I throw his toy. So he’s going to jump depending on where I throw the toy, so it’s hard for me and for him,” Jenny said.

It’s also a challenge for Linzee Prill of Roanake and her dog Shelby. They were participating in the aerial recovery competition.

“They’ll put the bumper a set distance above the water, and we’ll let those guys go full stroke, run over there and jump in and get it,” Linzee said.

So in this competition it’s all about distance and getting the toy, where a hold doesn’t matter for distance jumps only.

“I’m really happy with where she is for her breed. We just have to go down her steps so she leaves the dock at the right time,” Linzee said.

Shelby has been there for about two years, but why Dock Diving?

“It gives me a way to burn off some of his craziness,” Linzee said.

I wonder if this would work with all teenagers?

Dock Diving runs all day Saturday and Sunday as part of the Longview AKC Dog Show. The pool is set up near the rodeo arena and is free to enter, but there are no seats or shade. You might want to bring your own. The dog show at Maude Cobb is $5 for adults and children enter free.

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