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Sussex man helps save dogs and cats from conflict in Ukraine

A VOLUNTEER who rescues dogs from Romania and brings them to the UK for adoption has focused on saving animals from conflict in Ukraine.

David Wise from Peacehaven and a team of volunteers run the non-profit rescue service Paws and Whiskers Sussex.

The 46-year-old said he felt “helpless” over the shocking events unfolding in Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

David traveled to Romania to help dogs affected by the conflict in Ukraine

He rented a van filled with humanitarian aid and pet supplies and left his home on March 8 to begin the 1,500-mile journey to the town of Siret on the Romania-Ukraine border.

After dropping off humanitarian aid, David visited animal and cat shelters across Romania that helped house and care for animals displaced by the conflict.

He said: “One of the rescuers we work with in Bucharest has rescued over 60 Ukrainian cats.

The Argus: cats rescued from UkraineCats rescued from Ukraine

“After leaving the border, another rescuer we worked with discovered that there was a van there with 30 dogs that needed to be transported to the border.

“The dogs were taken to a Romanian shelter and we learned from the driver that the shelter they came from, located 10 km from kyiv, had been bombed shortly after the dogs were taken out.”

At the border, David said he was struck by the fear some people had once they got to the border.

The Argus: David brought Romanian rescue Moni home to Sussex David brought Romanian rescue Moni home to Sussex

He said: “There was an old lady walking towards the border with two cats and the dog. She was quite old and really struggling.

“She disappeared in one of the volunteer organizations tents and we, the rescuer I was with, went to see if we could offer to take her anywhere or help her with anything. or she was hiding because she was worried about human traffickers.

“She was so scared she wouldn’t come out. It was really, really sad.”

David returned from Romania on Thursday, alongside a Romanian stray dog ​​called Moni and a Ukrainian dog called lyoka, whom he helped reunite with his owner in the UK after fleeing kyiv.

He hopes to return to the border with more supplies and continue to support rescue charities working in the area.

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