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Newport: RSPCA shares story of rescued crossbreed dog

Eric and the volunteer Gabriela who works with him at RSPCA Birmingham (Image: RSPCA)

Dutch Shepherd Eric has had his whole family adopted but is still waiting for his perfect partner. More than three million households bought a pet in the first year of the pandemic alone, statistics show, but many more are in desperate need of a loving home. Some dogs in RSPCA care, like Eric, who has been homeless for 971 days, are taking a long time to be rehomed due to health issues, behavioral issues or lengthy investigations.

Kelly Legg, from RSPCA Birmingham where Eric lived after being rescued in the West Midlands, said: “Eric has spent most of his life in our care and all he knows is life here with us .

“Because he’s been with us for so long, he’s missed a lot of ‘real life’ and we’ve really struggled to find the right match for him.” He really is the most faithful boy once he gets to know you. He is extremely intelligent and needs his brain to be challenged, but he also needs time to adjust to and bond with new people.

“The RSPCA say a rural home would be best for Eric who, although nervous at times, is full of energy.

Here are eight other pooches the RSPCA is desperate to repatriate:

Scout the lurcher

Scout the lurcher (Image: RSPCA)

Scout – in a shelter for 940 days

This sweet lurcher has been in the care of Bath Dogs & Cats Home since November 2019. The eight-year-old dog was found by an RSPCA inspector.

The house’s general manager, Rachel Jones, said: “He’s a lovely older lad. The team here love him but he hasn’t found a home yet.

“He’s shy, so he’s looking for a quiet home, obviously with a lot of love. It takes Scout time to get to know new people, which can sometimes make it difficult for him.

“Once he knows you and trusts you, he’s adorable.”


Snowy is anxious around other dogs (Image: RSPCA)

Snowy – in a shelter for 544 days

Staff at the RSPCA Birmingham Animal Center can’t understand why this bouncy Staffordshire bull terrier hasn’t met his match after 16 months in kennels.

Ms Legg said: “Snowy likes to make a fuss and has a lot of energy so she’ll need someone who can keep up with her. She loves to play, but beware: soft toys don’t last long around her.”

“It’s really important that new owners of Snowy understand how important it is to follow these rules and unfortunately we believe the muzzle discourages potential adopters.”

Snowy loves taking long walks and playing tugboat. Ideally, she would like an adult-only home or a family home with older children who are confident with dogs, and she should be the only pet.

Its adopters must have an enclosed and secure garden.


Two potential Charlie adoptions failed (Image: RSPCA)

Charlie – in a shelter for 513 days

Charlie has been waiting for a new home since he and 44 other dogs were rescued from a dilapidated barn in Ceredigion, West Wales in January 2021.

The five-year-old cross has since become Newport RSPCA’s longest-staying dog despite “coming out of his shell”.

Kathryn Logan, assistant manager there, said: “For the first few weeks he wouldn’t budge from the corner of his kennel, and it wasn’t until he started to trust his caregivers and feel more comfortable as he rested his chin on It wasn’t until four months later that he had enough confidence to take his first steps outside the kennel.

Now Charlie likes to roll in the grass, take long walks and get lots of attention.

His sociable nature means he would really benefit from living with another calm and confident male dog, or a neutered female.


Bandit is still looking for a home (Image: RSPCA)

Bandit – in a shelter for 513 days

This nervous eight-year-old lurcher is still looking for a home after being rescued in County Durham.

He doesn’t like being touched, but the RSPCA hopes he will come out of his shell soon.

Emma Cosby, who is caring for the pooch, said: “The bandit really struggled and didn’t even like being touched. It took us a lot of time and patience to gradually introduce him to different people and how to be treated positively but now he has built a wonderful bond with the team here.

“We understand that he is nervous and will need committed owners who are willing to come and meet him several times before bringing him home. But we are concerned that people will be deterred from applying for him because of his muzzle and misunderstanding around their use.”
Bandit would like to be the only pet in his new home and cannot live with children.


Dotty was kept locked in a room (Image: RSPCA)

Dotty – in a shelter for 333 days

This Staffordshire bull terrier was taken into the care of the RSPCA in July 2021 after being rescued as underweight and suffering from a skin condition.

She had been locked in a room with little socializing at a Dorset address.

Now eight years old, Dotty is desperate for a new home where she will be the only pet and will have access to a private, secure garden.

The pooch can be reactive when on the move, so he should wear a muzzle and will need to wander around in quiet, rural places.

Joe and Zac

Joe and Zac were rescued last year after living away (Image: RSPCA)

Joe and Zac – in a shelter for 424 days

This pair of Alaskan Malamutes have been waiting a year to find their forever home together.

Six-year-old Joe and eight-year-old Zac were rescued in April 2021 by officers as part of a large group of dogs who were living outside.

They were dirty, had matted coats, and didn’t interact with people.

The dogs, now at the Birmingham care centre, need a patient owner who is willing to take them in as a couple.


Hades is very affectionate, loyal and affectionate (Image: RSPCA)

Hades – in a shelter for 271 days

This cute two-year-old Labrador cross has struggled to find a match since arriving at the RSPCA center in Gloucestershire in September last year.

Although he has specific needs due to his difficult start in life, staff at Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home say he is a “large, charming and bouncy” dog who would make a great pet.

Haley Medlock, from the centre, said: “We’ve worked hard with him and he can now handle busy areas but there are some things he can still find intimidating so we would like his owners to understand that. ‘they’ll need to be patient with him.”

The pooch is smart, young, likes to train, but has lived most of his life outdoors and will therefore need time to adjust to new surroundings.

If you are interested in adopting one of these deserving dogs, you can find more information on the RSPCA website.