Rescue dogs

Rescue dogs need a calmer life

Dogs Trust Glasgow currently looks after a range of four-legged friends who need rural locations for their forever homes.

Whether the house is a well and well or a bungalow, new owners are sought in quiet areas for the canines who are waiting for a new life in the countryside.

Sandra Downie, manager of the Glasgow Rehoming Centre, said: ‘It’s not just humans who want to escape to the countryside, many of our fantastic dogs are looking for new homes in rural areas. Currently we have about a dozen dogs that need to be placed in quiet places away from neighboring dogs.

“Our shelter in Uddingston is located in a fairly built-up area. The majority of people who contact us are looking for a dog that can go to public parks, dog daycare, be around people strangers, children and other dogs.

“For many of our dogs, this hectic life is not for them. They need regular routines and a much calmer life with minimal interaction with strangers, which includes exercise in areas largely free of other dogs.

“One such dog is Jack Russell Terrier Arthur, who is an older, independent boy who needs a home with few visitors as strangers worry him. Arthur takes his time getting to know new people , but once the bond is established, her gentle nature shines through.

“We hope that by calling people in rural areas to contact us, we will find the perfect homes for all our dogs who will greatly benefit from the quiet life.”

Dogs in need of rural homes include: a two-year-old Dobermann crossed Jupiter; terrier mix Leo, who is between two and five years old; German Shepherd Haiti aged two to five; Patterdale terrier Casper, ten years old; Staffordshire bull terrier cross Captain, over eight years old; Labrador cross Edward, who is between two and five years old; German Shepherd Jonny, over eight years old; Rocky, five, Staffordshire Bull Terrier; Old English Mastiff Toffee, which is between five and seven years old; Jack Russell terriers Arthurd and Teddy, both over eight years old.

Anyone interested in adopting one of the dogs should go to