Rescue dogs

Rescue dogs in Dorset searching for homes

Can you provide a loving forever home for one of these dogs at Margaret Green Animal Rescue?

Henry is a very energetic 9 month old cross. He is full of fun and he likes to play games with you. He also loves being outside, running and being a big puppy! He would benefit from training courses and he is looking for a home where his new family can help him readjust to family life. He would happily live with a female dog and teenagers in an active, outdoor home where he would be taken on many walking adventures. He will need someone to be home with him for most of the day to begin with, so his time away can slowly build up.


Max is a very friendly 5 year old French Bulldog looking for his forever home. He likes to be with people and he has a very playful nature. He would be happy living with older children, but he would be more comfortable being the only pet in the house. He is hard of hearing, so his new owners will need time to continue his training and help him learn some hand signals.


Toby is an energetic 3 year old collie. In many ways he is a typical Collie and he can be stimulated very quickly. He is looking for an adults-only house. He has huge potential with the right owner, who will have to keep his mind busy and it would be fun for him to do something like agility. He has started his training but he will need it to continue outside, to help him adapt to everyday life. He would be happy to live with a dog, as long as they meet first. He has been working on his recall, which he is doing very well with and knows all of his basic commands. He is very cuddly and he will appreciate snuggling up to watch a good movie with you!

To register an interest in rehoming Henry, Max or Toby, please contact the Lincoln Farm team: [email protected] or see the Margaret Green Animal Rescue website