Rescue dogs

Rescue dogs, horses and rabbits looking for homes in Dorset

Dorset-based animal rescue center Margaret Green hopes to find loving homes for a host of animals it is caring for this week.

They include dogs, horses, goats and rabbits.

All the details are below.

Lennie is a “very handsome” three-year-old Greyhound. He has a larger than life personality, so he’s always happy to have you around and he loves his toys. He would like to live in an adult-only home and although he gets along well with other dogs on walks and at playtime, he would prefer not to share his home with another.

Echo of Bournemouth:

Blue is a female Siberian Husky who is almost a year old. She is looking for an active family that has owned dogs before and loves to explore the great outdoors. She would not be happy to be left for long periods and she will need her new owners to continue her training. She’s looking for an adult-only, cat-free home, but she could live with the right dog.

Echo of Bournemouth:

Teddy is a Greyhound who is almost four years old. He is a really sweet boy with a sensitive nature who is very connected with people, so he would like to have a family that will not leave him for long periods of time. He would prefer to live with another medium to large sized dog, as he is happiest with other dogs around. He could live with older children but not with furry ones.

To register an interest in relocating Lennie, Blue or Teddy, please contact the Lincoln Farm team: [email protected]

Echo of Bournemouth:

Amber is a 23 year old, 13.2 hour registered Haflinger pony. She’s a very pretty girl and she likes to scratch herself. She gets along very well with her field mates and is good at the stable. She will need a confident and experienced home and handler as she can be a bit strong and knows how to handle herself.

Echo of Bournemouth:

Boris is about two years old and he is looking for a home where he will be the companion of another goat. He is a very active and playful boy who will need plenty of space and things to do to occupy his time. He will need high fencing in his new home because he has long legs and can jump easily.

Echo of Bournemouth:

Four-year-old Bonnie is looking for a forever home with her boyfriend, Chase. She’s a cheeky girl who likes to be spoiled with treats and Chase is an energetic boy. They like to be outside in the sun, lying together. Due to its size, they will need a one-story house to live in as it can’t really handle ramps and small doorways.

To register an interest in relocating Amber, Boris or Bonnie and Chase, please contact the Church Knowle team: [email protected]