Dog competition

Pool party atmosphere and passionate competition

This is the last week of the 2022 League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split and the last week of the season is known as the superweek. This means that each team in the LCS will play three games over a three-day extended weekend. And with the 10-team league battling through the scorching summer days, this weekend’s show is Pool Party themed.

With a ton of memorable moments under the sun and under the lights of the LCS Arena in sunny Southern California, Upcomer is here to bring you a great recap of each day’s events that unfolded. Here is the LCS recap for Week 8, Day 2.

Player of the day: FLY Johnsun

FlyQuest mid-laner Loïc “toucouille” Dubois might have been chosen player of the match, but there’s no denying how sick Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen’s pentakill was at the end of their match against Immortals Progressive to close Day 2 of the three-day super week at 2-0. The best part was that he didn’t even need Zeri to do it.

Most Memorable Moment: LCS Pool Party

Viewership may be down in the LCS so far in the 2022 LCS Summer Split, but the broadcast is still doing its best to spice things up for people still watching.

To celebrate the end of summer and the end of the summer split, the LCS had a “Pool Party” takeover with a summer beach outfit for all the talent and a party aesthetic around the LCS studio. It was great to see the relaxed atmosphere as the competition was scorching hot.

Best music video: Contractz takes revenge

Counter Logic Gaming had a rocky start to its super week.

In hopes that the team would be able to capture a top-two seed for the playoffs coming up in the week, the team sadly fell flat. But CLG jungler Juan “Contractz” Garcia was set to be a guest on this week’s broadcast, following in the footsteps of previous players who have done the same in recent weeks.

But what made Contractz’s appearance memorable was the fact that before the CLG game, each of the analyst desk members made predictions for the upcoming CLG games against 100 Thieves. The person who made the craziest prediction should be thrown into the dunk tank.

“Raz” boldly stated that CLG’s top laner “Dhokla” would pick a hyper carry like Fiora and immediately lose the game due to an early gank, similar to how CLG has lost games before in the split. Although CLG lost the match, Dhokla was on Ornn and he didn’t lose to an early top gank. So naturally, Contractz was able to release some of his pent up frustration after the loss by knocking Raz down in the dunk tank. After all, Contractz said he used to play baseball.

What’s next for the LCS Summer Split?

The final day of not only the Week 8 Super Week, but also the 2022 LCS Summer Split concludes with a game on Sunday, August 14. The 10 LCS teams will return to the Rift for the last time in the regular season and decide which teams head to the playoffs in which positions. Games will begin live on the LCS Twitch channel beginning at 3:30 p.m. ET.