Rescue dogs

Oscar Isaac helps Stephen Colbert find homes for rescue dogs

By Corey Atad.

23 hours ago

When puppies need a home, Oscar Isaac is there to help.

On Tuesday on Global’s “The Late Show,” host Stephen Colbert recruited the “Moon Knight” star for another edition of “Rescue Dog Rescue.”

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For the segment, Colbert and his guest show off a bunch of adorable rescue puppies available for adoption in hopes of finding them all loving homes.

And to make sure their plan works, they invented “flattering lies” to make viewers want to adopt the dogs even more.

“Sterling has memorized all the bathroom codes for every Starbucks in the country,” Colbert says of one of the puppies.

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Isaac adds of another dog: “Goose was one of my co-stars in the movie ‘Dune’. She played the toughest role of all: Timmy Chalamet’s soft, fluffy hair.

“She’s a marathon champion. Best of all, she’s agreed to clip your Fitbit to her collar, so now all of those steps can be yours,” the actor says of the adorable Alma.

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