Rescue dogs

New program matches children’s doodles of their dream adoptable rescue dogs | KOST 103.5

Yesterday Pedigree launched a new program called Rescue Doodles, the program provides a way for children to participate in the process of adopting a pet.

Rescue Doodles uses AI technology and a machine learning model to match children’s drawings of their dream dogs with similar-looking dogs available for adoption locally with the help of Adopt-a-Pet .com.

Families looking to adopt a fur baby, or who are just interested in trying out the program, can text “Doodle” to 717-670-6675, then parents can send a photo of their dream dog drawing. kids and get information about lookalike dogs looking for furry homes in nearby rescues. The program is open until April 30.

Rescue Doodles also serves Pedigree’s mission of finding families for all homeless animals in the United States. In its statement announcing the new program, Pedigree shared that the brand hopes Rescue Doodles will play a role in helping some of the 3.1 million rescue dogs entering US shelters. year.

According to Pedigree, Rescue Doodles is a great starting point for families considering adding a pet to their home. Yet, there are many other factors besides appearance to consider when adopting a pet, including the family’s lifestyle, activity level, and other pets.

Before proceeding with an adoption, make sure the entire family that will be living with the new addition meets potential pooches, recommends Pedigree, also indicating that the brand has an adoption guide with more tips.