Rescue dogs

More than 100 rescue dogs have flown to White Plains Airport to find new homes

Photo courtesy of Jessica Apicella of Buzz Creators

After being rescued from Puerto Rico, 120 dogs will find new homes in Westchester, thanks to the help of luxury operator Million Air.

This Valentine’s Day has taken on a whole new level of love for 120 Westchester County families, thanks to the kindness of a local private jet company. Million Air Westchester, the luxury operator based at Westchester County Airport, has teamed up with Project Sato to unite rescued dogs with their new families over Valentine’s Day weekend. Working with Wings of Rescue, a donation-based charity that transports at-risk pets on a large scale from crowded shelters and disaster areas, the two teams airlifted more than 100 dogs to the hangar of Million Air, where they were then received by their new, loving families. To add to the love and festivities in the air, the dog crates were adorned with hearts and other Valentine’s Day-themed decorations.

All of the dogs in the haul were rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico, where they were rescued from serious situations of hoarding, abandonment, or overcrowded animal shelters. These transports are known as “freedom flights”, life-changing trips that make every dog’s dream of having a forever family come true.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Apicella of Buzz Creators

For thousands of abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico, Project Sato is their only hope. There are currently around 500,000 stray dogs roaming the streets and beaches of the island. Without access to food, fresh water or veterinary care, many of these dogs experience severe suffering on a daily basis. The municipal shelter system is significantly outdated, with only five shelters in the island’s 78 municipalities. These shelters have a combined euthanasia rate of over 94%.

This is just one example of Million Air as a company using its hangar space for the greater good; the FBO also assisted in transporting service dogs, transporting donated vital organs, as well as donating coveted KN95s and surgical respirators to White Plains Hospital during the initial outbreak of the disease. COVID-19 pandemic.

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