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Lady Cubs battle tough competition

BY KYLE TROUTMAN [email protected]

The Monett Women’s Tennis Team hosted eight teams at the Monett Invitational on Wednesday, with a Lady Cub winning a singles medal.

Jason Smith, Monett’s tennis coach, said that with Monett, the teams included: Reeds Spring, Nevada, Carthage, Clever, Thomas Jefferson, Aurora and Lamar. The tournament featured two singles flights and two doubles flights.

In singles No. 1, Lizzie Smith managed a third-place finish and in singles No. 2, Vayla Smith finished in fifth place.

“We were very competitive and our first-year players got a lot of experience,” Jason Smith said. “It’s a tough tournament, and it’s always nice to win a medal at our own tournament.”

Full tournament results include:

1. Alison Ding, Thomas Jefferson 2. Olivia Ray, Aurora 3. Lizzie Smith, Monett

1. Jeanna Jeyaraj, Thomas Jefferson 2. Susannah Kimmell, Nevada 3. Beverly Garcia, Carthage

1. Kianna Yates/Daniella Marquez, Carthage 2. Alyssa Mitchell/ Hennesey Brown, Nevada 3. Cora Pittsenbarger/ Chelsey O’Sullivan, Lamar

1. Halley Elkinton/ Kourtnee Vestal, Nevada 2. Jessica Joseph/Warda Morsy, Thomas Jefferson 3. AmyLeigh Kozisek/ Kinsli Gelli, Clever The day before the tournament, Monett (1-5) dueled with the winner of the tournament , Thomas Jefferson, falling 9-0.

“Thomas Jefferson is always good, and our goal when we play them is to fight for every point,” Smith said. “I told my players that we might not win, but let’s make sure they get the win. We got some points and some wins, but we could never pick up any speed. I’m proud of my team as we played really hard. It was rookie Lizzie Smith’s first singles loss in a duel. We moved a few players into our doubles to see if a new doubles partner could help generate some ‘energy.

Results against Thomas Jefferson include:

1. Lizzie Smith lost 2-8 to Allison Ding

2. Deleny Rueda lost 2-8 against Jeanna Jeyaraj

3. Vayla Smith lost 0-8 to Kyla Yang

4. Jocelyn Hernandez lost 0-8 to Warda Morsy

5. Serenity Laning lost 1-8 to Jessica Joseph

6. Valory Moncivaiz lost 0-8 to Mayson Solum


1. Lizzie Smith/Vayla Smith lost 2-8 to Ding/Jeyaraj

2. Rueda/Laning lost 2-8 to Yang/Solum

3. Hernandez/Moncivaiz lost 0-8 to Morsy/Joseph The Lady Cubs played in the Bird Dog Tournament at Carl Junction on Friday, and travel to Aurora for a game on Monday.