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‘He had the biggest heart’ Man, rescue dogs die in Scott’s house fire

SCOTT, La. (KLFY) – The Scott Fire Department says a man and his dogs were killed in a house fire over the weekend.

Gayno Duhon, 62, of Scott, was killed in the fire which occurred on Saturday evening in the 600 block of D Arceneaux Rd.

Duhon’s family told News Ten that a toxicology report revealed that Duhon had died of a heart attack and was smoking a cigarette at the time, which started the fire.

Sonja Duhon, the victim’s sister, says the only thing left from the fire is a Bible and a cross.

“I hope it’s a sign from God,” she said.

She says her brother had the biggest heart, but also a strong grip on fear.

“He suffered from schizophrenia. Every day of his life he feared that someone would kill him.

Duhon says he sometimes went to extreme lengths to protect himself often “living in a cave of men, only coming out once in a while.”

“He was basically there day and night. We had to wake him up and tell him to come into bed because that was his comfort zone.

She said her shrine is what trapped her in the fire.

“I went to see my brother, and it was just too late. When I woke up, my mouth and eyes were burning like I had just swallowed gasoline.

Duhon said she was unable to save her brother, but managed to save several rescued dogs through her organization Surrounded by Love Rescue.

“I threw them down the stairs to save them, but several of them perished.”

Duhon says that although what happened is devastating, she finds hope knowing that her brother is at peace and she is grateful for all the support.

“It’s so traumatic, but I want to thank everyone. It means so much.

Duhon says she has received multiple calls, texts and donations from supporters and other animal rescue organizations.

Here is a list of other animal rescue organizations that help donate money to the Duhon family: