Rescue dogs

Documentary highlights southern rescue dog pipeline

If you adopt or rescue a dog here in New York, there’s a chance it’s from the south. A new documentary called “Free Puppies” shines a light on the pipeline between southern shelters and rescues across the country.

The film was created by Christina Thomas and Samantha Wishman. Thomas, along with Krista MacDonald, the executive director of Badass Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, joined “News All Day” to share more.

Due to lack of funding, affordable spaying and neutering services, and even climate change, there are many dogs in the South without homes.

Badass Animal Rescue is one of many rescues that coordinates with shelters across the south to identify, transport, and eventually get dogs adopted.

MacDonald says they pull dogs from southern rural areas, where some animals roam or are abandoned. They are seeing a slowdown in adoptions these days, which is concerning.

For those rescued, the dogs are taken from a shelter, put into transportation (usually a van), and then driven to New York or other places, where people adopt dogs until they are adopted.

Older dogs are often harder to adopt, but MacDonald says the extra effort is worth it because of all the love you get in return.

Thompson says the rescue is a community effort and they hope the film will help save more lives by placing them into loving homes.