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Danny Trejo named two of his rescue dogs after Beatles songs

“Cats…cats remind me of movie stars, they think they’re so entitled”

Posted on April 22, 2022

As fearsome as he may appear on screen, Danny Trejo has been a hero to people and pets alike, rescuing the former from overturned vehicles and giving the latter a loving home. It’s safe to say that Trejo’s love for dogs is also the highlight of a recent interview.

As part of Whistle’s latest “Meet The Pets” episode, Trejo talks football, star warshis taco business and car collection, and introduces viewers to his pack of furry friends, two of whom are named after Beatles songs.

“I think the good Lord wants us to start taking all our responsibilities,” Trejo shares at one point, letting the sleeping dog lie next to him. “One of them is dealing with these guys. They were wolves. We called them. We domesticated them. We made it our responsibility.”

Joining Trejo on camera are Penny Lane and Sgt. Pepper, with the much larger Liam, a ‘handsome’ retriever who recently recovered from a hip injury, John Wesley Hardin who is named ‘after the baddest cowboy in the West “, and the Duke, which is named after American western film icon John Wayne.

Previously, Trejo shared that The Beatles’ music – “Hey Jude”, in particular – caused a riot when he was in prison in 1968. As he recalled to NME, “It’s always very loud and chaotic into the hole and this song comes and you can barely hear it from the officer’s radio.And the hole got quiet and quiet and quiet…It’s no good when the hole is quiet.And then , “Judy Judy Judy Judy Judyyyyyy!” The sinks were broken! The toilets were flooding! We went absolutely nuts! This song was so beautiful it was worth a riot.

Trejo reveals that on occasion he will spoil the package with some really fancy treats, like carne asada without the spices. “I’m just a dog,” he shares as he opens the clip. “Cats…cats remind me of movie stars, they think they’re so entitled.”

Of course, all kinds of dogs, cats, kittens and other pets loved by Canadian musicians can be found in Exclaim!’s Pet Sounds feature.

Trejo’s extraordinary life was chronicled in a 2020 documentary Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo.