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Commented by Matt Baker, the One Man and His Dog contest saw representatives from different countries compete to be crowned the winners. The Countryfile segment saw judges observe each dog and its handler based on how well they responded to commands and how effective they were at herding sheep. But the second dog was disturbed by a loud flypast, and the distraction cost the team some points. Dozens of viewers took to Twitter to object to the “unfair” interruption.

The English team, made up of Charlie, 13, and his dog Del, obtained a total of 81 points out of a possible 100.

Ireland was next, with young Peter and his sheepdog Tip.

They’re off to a good start, with Matt commenting, “26 out of 30 so far.”

“It was a clever manipulation then,” added his fellow commentator.

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Just then, a loud jet passed from above, with Matt remarking, “And a flypast to go with it – celebration.”

But Tip stopped working with the sheep and started running towards Peter, clearly scared.

“Tip doesn’t like airplanes, the noise scared the dog,” Matt observed.

“Now it’s very unfortunate,” they added. Matt commented: “It’s a test of composure now.”

Andrew wrote: “FFS that was unfair #countryfile #COMEONTIP.”

Anna Sampson echoed this, commenting, “So unfair to disregard this flypast! #countryfile.”

“This is a joke and harsh how the dog supposed to hear the commands with a fighter jet flying over #countryfile,” Wez wrote.

Rickeebutcha added: ‘Adam Henson had his money on the first dog he asked one of his neighbors RAF Squadron Commander to ruin it for Ireland #countryfile.’