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Congressional candidate Iro Omere addresses the Fannin County Democratic Party Convention

Fannin County, Texas — The biennial Fannin County Democratic Party Convention was held at the Derrell Hall Agrilife Extension Building on March 19. In addition to delegates representing the local party, Iro Omere, U.S. Congressional candidate from Texas Congressional District 4, addressed the convention and spent part of the morning answering questions and meeting with local citizens.

County Chairman Bill Roberts called the meeting to order at 9 a.m. Jane Alvizo was elected permanent convention secretary, and Rules Chair Judy Teller’s recommendation that normal Texas Democratic Party rules be in effect was also approved.

Resolutions and Platform Chair Brenda Davis presented a resolution from Red River County Chairman Hunter Evans against the Marvin Nichols Reservoir project in northeast Texas. This resolution was approved and all other resolutions proposed to the state party were forwarded to the state convention without recommendation.

Since there was enough room for delegates to accommodate everyone who wanted to attend the State Party convention in Dallas in July, Nominating Chair Sandra Miller offered to accept those delegates without holding any state party conventions. constituency. The state convention delegates approved at the county convention are Judy Teller, Brenda Davis, Johnny Ortiz, Debbie Doncer, and Jane Alvizo. Donna Trotman was added as a delegate after the convention.

After the commercial part of the meeting, donations were accepted for Médecins Sans Frontières. Hundreds of dollars have been raised to help this Nobel Prize-winning organization in its work helping war refugees in Ukraine and around the world.

Ms. Omere then addressed the delegates and expressed her desire to represent all residents of Congressional District 4. She highlighted her commitment to public education and her experience as both a teacher and a teacher of teachers.

Another priority for Ms. Omere is health. She expressed dismay at the Trump-era proposal to close parts of Bonham VA Hospital and move them to the Dallas-Ft. Worth the metroplex. Not only would this affect veterans in surrounding rural areas, but it would be devastating to many local workers and to the North Texas economy.

Iro Omere, Democratic candidate for the United States Congress, District 4, Texas

Mrs. Omere is convinced that our tax money can be used more effectively by providing quality education and health care rather than by building leaky walls and for-profit private prisons.