Dog competition

Classic KLIMB dog competition held in Maquoketa

Nearly 400 dogs participated in the sporting competition, with 200 winning awards.

MAQUOKETA, Iowa – Blue-9 Pet Products held their second annual KLIMB Classic Dog Show in Maquoketa on Sunday, July 18 at the Jackson County Fairgrounds.

“There are some pretty amazing sports here for a wide variety of different dog breeds,” said Jamie Popper, Blue-9’s business development manager.

The competition offers four different games for pets. The games consisted of dock diving, fast tag, frisbee and farm hunt. Dogs are scored on their ability to run, jump, catch and chase.

Popper explained that each dog has a special skill specific to their breed.

“Our dogs are bred for a lot of different jobs, and it’s fun to see them really able to use their natural instincts to participate in these sports,” Popper said.

People with non-competing pets also joined in the festivities and supported their canine neighbors.

“A lot of dogs are rescues and it brings people together, it’s fun to see everyone competing and having fun,” said KLIMB Classic spectator Chelsea Lantz.

Lantz is a community dog ​​groomer and came to the KLIMB Classic to watch others compete and see if her dogs wanted to try something new.

“Just having a little fun seeing what they can do and having fun with it,” Lantz said.

Parents of pets taking part in the competition said they had been training for the day for months.

“You can play fetch in your backyard all day,” said contestant Danielle Etzel, “but the thrill that comes with accomplishments and celebrating with friends when you’re at an event and winning a new title, or you get a new personal best, it’s really exciting.”

Etzel’s dog, Scramble, is a 9 month old Belgian Malinois. She broke her personal best with a jump of 15 feet and 3 inches in the dockside diving game.

“Which means she didn’t win a new title that I expected her to win, but she got a personal best, so like those things, it’s always fun compromises,” Etzel said.

Pet owners say they get more out of the event than a prize.

“My dogs are my life, it’s just different and it’s nice to love enriching their lives in different ways,” Etzel said.

Donations were collected and given to the Jackson County Humane Society.