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Cheshire Dogs’ Home rescue dogs need new homes

MEET Uggy, Poppet and Bella, three Cheshire Dogs’ Home dogs looking for the perfect family.

In this article, we’ll regularly tell you about some of the four-legged friends who are waiting for a new home at the Cheshire-based rescue centre.

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Uggy: 5 years old, male sighthound


Uggy is a dizzy boy looking for a couch to spend his retirement, but he also likes to go for walks and explore.

He’s a former racing greyhound so living in a house will be a whole new experience for him, but the team at Cheshire Dogs’ Home have socialized him.

Due to his previous training, Uggy has a very high prey drive and can be very strong on a leash, so he couldn’t live with cats or small animals.

His owners should also be aware that his prey can extend to small dogs and that he is trained to wear a muzzle on his walks.

Greyhounds do well with two or three shorter walks a day – they are built for speed, not endurance, and use their energy in short bursts, giving them plenty of time to nap, cuddle and play.


Poppet: 10 years old, female Staffy

Warrington Guardian: PoppetDoll

Poppet is a sweet Staffy and loves nothing better than being outside, getting attention, and enjoying treats.

She does not like to socialize with other dogs and therefore should not be rehomed with dogs or cats.

It could be that she is a little older and tired of socializing, or that she hasn’t been socialized, and that’s something new owners will need to keep in mind.

Poppet was placed in the care of Cheshire Dogs’ Home as a transfer from another kennel and she was originally a stray so there is no history on her and the team is unsure if she has already been in a family environment.

They think the best home for her would be one with patient, understanding owners and a family with children under 15 – subject to a successful meeting.


Bella: Eight-year-old Staffy wife

Warrington Guardian: Bellabella

Bella is a sweet girl who is very friendly and regularly greets the staff at the canine home with her Staffy smile and wagging tail.

From what the team has seen, Bella isn’t a fan of other dogs entering her personal space as she’s quite happy to go out and enjoy her walks on her own, so they wouldn’t recommend her to to be relocated with another. dog or any other animal.

Bella was taken in by Cheshire Dogs’ Home as a transfer from another kennel and was originally a stray so there is no history on her.

Therefore, the team recommends that she be relocated to a family with children under the age of 12 – subject to a successful reunion.