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Camilla’s rescue dogs star in new photo shoot

When Prince Charles guest edited country life magazine in 2013 for his 65th birthday, he cast his wife Camilla to star in the magazine’s famous “Girls in Pearls” page, which traditionally featured aristocratic young women. And as Camilla celebrates her 75th birthday nearly a decade later, she chose her beloved family members to take center stage in a glamorous photo shoot – her dogs Bluebell and Beth.

Anya Campbell

In what the magazine described as “a fun spin on the traditional girls in pearls page,” it’s the first time dogs have appeared on the publication’s frontispiece without their owners. Photographed on a wooden bench at the Duchess’ private home in Wiltshire, Ray Mill, the Jack Russells wear Camilla’s pearl necklaces. “Bluebell and Beth, 10 and 11, are the terriers of TRH The Price of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, who were both rescued from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home,” reads the caption below the image, taken by the photographer Anya Campbell. . While arguably their most prominent public role to date, this isn’t the first time Bluebell and Beth have featured in an official portrayal. They were pictured being held by Charles and Camilla in a 2020 photo released to mark their 15th wedding anniversary. Taken during one of the COVID-19 lockdowns when the couple were staying at Birkhall on the Balmoral estate, the informal image showed them dressed and sitting on the porch of the Scottish residence each holding a dog.

The Duchess of Cornwall edition country life has already attracted a lot of attention for the cover image of Camilla taken by the Duchess of Cambridge. Giving readers a glimpse of the private home she owned before she married Prince Charles in 2005, a second image shows Camilla walking among bluebells in the garden.

“There are several reasons why I was delighted to be asked to edit this week’s edition. country life“, wrote Camilla in the column of her editor. “The most selfish thing being that celebrating the 125 years of the magazinee birthday makes me, at 75, feel positively young…I cherished this opportunity to highlight some of the people, communities and charities I have had the privilege of meeting who do so much for life in our countryside, too often invisible and misunderstood.

Camilla spent six months working on the 244-page edition of the magazine in which she pays tribute to her husband for his lifelong advocacy for rural communities and highlights issues such as rural crime and violence domestic. country life goes on sale Wednesday, July 13.

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