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Baywatch on Four Legs – Italian Rescue Dogs | DocFilm | DW

Valentina Renzopaoli and her Labrador Ettore plan to stand guard on Italian beaches for the first time this summer. Valentina is actually a journalist. But because Ettore grew from a tiny pup to a surprisingly huge Labrador, she had to find something for him to do. This is how the two found themselves in training at “SICS” (Scuola Italiana Cani Salvataggio), the first canine school in Italy. The training is intense. First, Valentina and Ettore train every Sunday to save sacks of stones from a cold lake near Rome. In the strict but patient eyes of instructor Roberto Gasbarri, dogs like Ettore learn to trust their master or mistress completely. They learn in a playful way, without constraint, explains Roberto. Newfoundlands and Labradors, in particular, are ideal rescue dogs, he says. They stay calm even in stressful situations and are able to use water currents perfectly, to find the safest way to shore.” Animals like these can bring three to five people to safety. Teams of SICS have thus saved dozens of lives. . But first for Valentina Renzopaoli, it is her own swimming test, in April. And in June, the founder of the school, Ferruccio Pilenga, will come in person to give Ettore A Second Examination Will The Dog And Mistress Achieve Their Goal??The film follows Valentina and Ettore through ups and downs, capturing both stressful and beautiful moments.