Dog competition

Augusta’s Next Top Dog competition looks to raise awareness about spay and neutering

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) –There’s a fun event happening this weekend that also has an important message.
Augusta’s Next Top Dog takes place this Saturday at Pendleton King Park.

It’s a dog show where man’s best friend will compete for the title of “Augusta’s Next Top Dog” or ” Next Top Underdog.”

The event is being put on by “That’s What Friends Are For,” a group dedicated to animal rescue work and raising awareness about the importance of getting animals spayed and neutered.

“Come on out. It’s going to be a good time. There will be lots of dogs and people who love animals. Come out for a fun time with the food and vendors, the raffles, but also support spay and neuter,” said Lorna Barrett, the founder of “That’s What Friends Are For”.

“Your male dogs won’t wander off, your females won’t be going in to heat, it also has great health benefits for the animals and we do not need any more puppies or kittens,” said Crystal Eskola, the Deputy Director of Augusta Animal Services.

How important is getting animals spayed and neutered?

“Well it’s really important to stop the unwanted litters. When people have dogs and cats and they can’t afford to get them spayed or neutered, we help them. So, that way it prevents more unwanted litters but also stops the onslaught of so many more dogs and cats that would be going in to the shelters because people just don’t want them. There are too many of them,” said Barrett.

How does it make you feel that an event is happening to raise awareness about spay and neutering?

“It’s terrific, this is a yearly event they do and the money they raise goes towards spay and neuter vouchers, and it helps the community get their own personal pets fixed and that makes for less puppies and kittens that end up at the shelter or local rescue groups,” said Eskola.

Is it important for people to come back out and support this event?

“Absolutely, a lot of people haven’t been out for events in a real long time, we haven’t had any events for two years and we’ve been planning different events but have been shut down because of different COVID restrictions. this is a great time for old friends to come out, and visit, and catch up with everybody. Come on out and see us,” said Barrett.

The event is from 10 am to 3 pm for info CLICK HERE. For info on “That’s What Friends Are For” CLICK HERE.