Dog competition

A VIP theatrical outing to Theater Clwyd to be won in a new competition

A FLINTSHIRE ice cream maker has launched a new creative writing competition in partnership with Theater Clywd.

Chilly Cow Ice Cream’s new program offers a VIP theatrical experience alongside Theatr Clwyd to watch the new Famous Five musical which opens on September 23rd.

The competition invites children aged 6-14 to write an adventure story of no more than 500 words for the five famous characters, George, Julian, Anne, Dick and Timmy the dog – and must also include Chilly Cow Ice Cream somewhere in history.


It was also revealed that the local chef, Bryn Williams and his wife Sharleen Spiteri, singer of the band Texas, will participate in the judging as they both live locally in Chilly Cow and promote the arts for children.

Sharleen said: “”The art of storytelling has shaped history, hopes, dreams and folklore, without it we are a grain of sand that can so easily disappear. We must always work hard to keep the writing alive and relevant for generations to come. come!”

Anna Taylor, Director of Chilly Cow, said: “We are so proud to be able to support Theatr Clwyd with our corporate membership after they have supported us for so long as a supplier. We want to promote the arts and theater to young people from all walks of life, highlight the value that comes from a theatrical experience and what better way to get children to explore their own creativity with our competition. We hope our support will help Theatr Clwyd in their further development and expansion and we are delighted to be part of their journey.”

Children can enter by heading towards where registration details and application forms can be viewed.