Rescue dogs

4 Incredible Rescue Dogs and Their Inspirational Stories

With their incredible noses, dedication and bravery, rescue dogs are true superheroes. Here are four inspiring stories.

Because a dog’s sense of smell is a superpower, it’s definitely Dogs With Jobs experts helping us hunt everything from hidden bombs to kids lost in earthquakes. Photo:

In 1999, flash floods in Vargas, Venezuela caused a national disaster that put thousands of people at risk. In the devastation, Orion, a Rottweiler, and his owner were driven from their home by mudslides.

On their way to safety, they passed a little girl trapped in swirling water. Orion jumped up and helped him to safety. He and his father then rescued a total of 37 people, including an 80-year-old man. For his work, the Venezuelan government awarded Orion a medal of bravery and national honors.

During the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, 67 search and rescue dogs went to work. They found 1,700 victims and saved at least 302 lives. One in particular, German Shepherd Shen Hu, rescued 15 people from the rubble.

Nicknamed Tiger Shen, he was nationally hailed, employed by the Nanjing Fire Department for 10 years, and when he retired they erected a statue in his honor.

A few years later, in 2019, when an earthquake hit nearby Yibin, Dameng and Baku, two four-year-old English Springer Spaniels, helped rescuers search 200 homes in 32 hours, personally saving three people. Interestingly, both Dameng and Baku were puppies of Zhuzhu, who was also a local rescue dog hero.

In Mexico in 2017, when an earthquake struck Puebla, Frida, a golden Labrador, rose to fame when she was spotted wearing goggles, a harness and boots while sniffing the rubble of what was was a school in order to save children.

Frida was employed by the Mexican Navy Canine Unit for nine years, working on 53 rescue operations in Mexico, Haiti, Guatemala and Ecuador. She is credited with finding and saving at least 52 people. She retired from active work in 2019 and is now training the next generation.