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2023: Aare Abiodun speaks to PDP ward exco in Akure South

Aare Abiodun said he decided to represent the constituency following the suffering his people are currently going through.

By Julius Alabi, Akure

Aare Abiodun Oluwarotimi, the leading House of Assembly contender for the People’s Democratic Party in Akure South First Constituency, has met with the thirty-four exco members from wards five and six to solicit their support in the upcoming elections primaries of May 7, 2022.

The chairman of the Aare Abiodun campaign organization, Hon. Apostle Kehinde Omoniyi while speaking describes the aspirant as a man of humility who came to serve his people in Akure South First Constituency.

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According to him, Aare Abiodun has been tested and trusted saying that the aspirant has all the qualities required to steer the affairs of the constituency if he is lucky enough to represent them in the Ondo State Assembly in 2023.


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“I am very sure that Abiodun will not abandon the party and its people at any time if elected to represent it in the Chambers.

His words: “We have tested and verified everything on this contender and we can boldly say that he has it all. He is eminently qualified. He also has the support of some constituency stakeholders.

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“Aare Abiodun is a man who likes to bring people closer to him and that is why you see here today some leaders, main excos and local government excos from our sister constituency (Constituency Two) to identify with him.


“We didn’t just wake up today to say we will support him. We took our time to study it. We took our time to verify his claims. We took our time to consult our leaders and then decided to join his team after being convinced that he will not disappoint us. We joined him because he has majority support.

“If you elect him, he will not shuttle between Nigeria and America. He is a grassroots citizen and he will prefer to stay with us, identify with us, and tackle whatever issues we and our great constituency face.

Speaking at the meeting, some prominent members of the campaign organisation, Hon. (Ms) Johnson, Hon. (Mrs) Kokumo and Hon. Muyiwa Agunloye said Aare Abiodun is a man of integrity with a zeal to serve his people in Akure South First Constituency if elected in 2023.

They urged the Excos to weigh their options after which they will realize that the aspirant is the only way for the constituency to be liberated, developed and advanced.

They let it be known that they have decided to identify themselves with the seeker with all their hearts and they will not welcome any other seeker for the same position again due to their personal belief that he (Aare) will use his experience to perform well in the State House of Assembly.

In his own speech, Aare Abiodun said he had decided to represent the constituency following the suffering his people are currently going through.

He also promised that he would spend the constituency allowances approved for the constituency wisely by always inviting representatives from all six wards to a forum where discussions will take place on which projects they want the allowances to be spent on.

However, please the parish secretary, the Hon. Igbadieye Omoniyi, asked Aare Abiodun to clarify the allegations that he was not from Akure and also asked the aspirant to shed light on the allegation that he had a criminal case in the state of Benue.

In his response, Aare Abiodun said that he is a genuine son of Akure with family houses, personal house and business outfits in Iro, Arakale, Imafon, Idi Agba Tuntun, Oke Aro, Ijomu and Oda from Akure.

He also said the court case he had in 2017 with current Benue State Governor Dr Samuel Ortom who later appointed him as a media consultant was a civil case saying that it was a defamation case that every active journalist always has. with state or federal governments for the purpose of doing its job. “I have not been imprisoned for any criminal act.

Ward 6 President, Hon. Banji Omomo, commended Aare Abiodun for his outstanding commitment to the party at all levels over the past three years.

Omomo noted that it is rare for a candidate to be financially committed and dedicated to the party like Aare Abiodun, even when his own election is still more than three years away.

He also commended the aspirant for all his moral and financial support to the party during the last gubernatorial election in Ondo State in 2020.

He urged Aare Abiodun not to slack off his party supporters saying he should not look at the ways of backbiters who seek to discourage and distract him.

In his own speech, Ward 5 President, Hon. Eniola Wande, commended Aare Abiodun for all his activities to ensure that PDP continues to go from strength to strength in Akure South and across the state.

Wande commended the selfless efforts of the aspirant during the campaigns for the latest House of Representatives by-election in Akure North and South federal constituencies.

He said only a brave aspirant like Aare Abiodun could do all that he did during the February 2022 campaigns. “He risked his own ambition and only a brave man could do this unusual thing.

“Now is the time to pay for Aar so that he can reap all the good fruits he was able to sow in the by-election,” he added.