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10 Children’s Cartoons That Should Have Been Hits But Had Impossible Competition

There’s a long-standing trend in Hollywood in which networks cancel certain shows seemingly prematurely despite positive fan reviews, and cartoons are no exception. For years, fans have mourned the loss of some of their favorite shows like Teen Titans or a little less popular Gargoylesmuch to the dismay of networks that are more interested in ratings than producing quality content.

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Countless cartoons have been lost to time through the success of rival shows, only to be reintroduced to audiences through streaming years later. The streaming industry reminded many fans why they loved some of these cartoons in the first place, and then left fans wondering why exactly their favorite shows never reached their full potential.

ten Invader Zim has taken over our hearts and TV screens

Invader Zim is a wacky Nicktoon from the 2000s that follows a young alien named Zim as he attempts to conquer Earth while simultaneously having to assimilate into Earth society. Invader Zim introduced audiences to many iconic characters, the most recognizable being Zim’s robot companion wearing a dog costume, GIR.

Despite the series’ popularity among fans and its groundbreaking animation style, it just couldn’t keep up with the likes of Fairly Odd Parents and Jimmy Neutron: Genie Boy. However, given that Zim was brought back in 2019 for his very first feature film, Invader Zim may well make a big comeback very soon.

9 Jenny was probably the most human character in my life as a teenage robot

Created by Rob Renzetti in 2003, My life as a teenage robot tells Jenny’s story. As the show’s title suggests, she’s a teenage robot trying to fit in in high school in addition to saving her town from goofy sci-fi villains every week.

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With its art deco-inspired animation and colorful characters, My life as a teenage robot had all the makings of a cartoon classic. However, when Nickelodeon powers like Avatar: The Last Airbender graced the small screen towards the end of the show, audiences turned their attention elsewhere, and Jenny and her friends fell into cartoon obscurity.

8 Sym-Bionic Titan could have been the Voltron of the 21st century

A little like Invader Zim and My life as a teenage robot, Sym-Bionic Titan sees two teenage aliens, Ilana and Lance, and their robotic sidekick, Octus, attempting to blend into Earth after their home planet is plunged into war. Cartoon Network’s short-lived show follows a similar premise to shows like Power Rangers and, above all, the 80s classic Voltronseen as the main trio form the titular mecha Sym-Bionic Titan when joining forces.

Despite its creative premise reminiscent of old-time cartoons, Sym-Bionic Titan came out around the same time as another more popular CN show, Rex Generator. Unfortunately, it did not receive the same critical reception.

seven Danny Phantom became a ghost after his run was cut short

Danny Phantom was the successor to Butch Hartman’s magnum opus, Fairly Odd Parents, and follows young Danny Fenton as he battles spectral villains after becoming half-phantom himself. The gothic answer to Spider Man, Danny Ghost has become a cult classic since its cancellation in 2006.

When Nickelodeon saw that the show wasn’t delivering the ratings Hartman promised, especially compared to the exponentially more popular Fairly Odd Parents, network executives decided it was time to cancel the show. However, in recent years, fans have expressed that they would have rather seen the latter leave instead.

6 There will never be a show like Code Lyoko again

Created by Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo, Code Lyoko was a French cartoon brought to Cartoon Network in 2004. It follows a group of four teenagers who stumble upon a parallel digital universe and are tasked with saving both the digital and physical worlds from a malevolent AI known as XANA .

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Although the show was a hit in its home country, American viewers found themselves more interested in shows like the 2003 ones. Teen Titans. Code Lyoko never reached the same level of popularity in the United States as in France.

5 Young Justice Tried To Do What The Teen Titans Did And Failed

The 2010 DC Animated Show young justice had to replace Teen Titans as Cartoon Network’s premier teen superhero show, and for a while it managed to do just that. However, it never followed the same path as its predecessor in the early 2000s.

Following a team of young superheroes mentored by the Justice League, known simply as “The Team”, young justice explores themes of young adulthood, morality and personal responsibility. Although Teen Titans sought to do the same, the former struggled to live up to the standards set by the latter.

4 Even Tim Curry couldn’t save the wild Thornberrys from obscurity

Nickelodeon The Wild Thornberrys tells the story of a young girl, Eliza Thornberry, played by Lacey Chabert, who has the unique ability to talk to animals. The show follows Eliza as she travels alongside her nature explorer father, played by the legendary Tim Curry, and the rest of his family on their global wildlife adventures.

After its premiere in 1998, The Wild Thornberrys was praised for teaching children the importance of respecting other cultures and empathizing with animals. However, the show has been far less successful in the new millennia, as shows like Sponge Bob SquarePants has gained popularity.

3 Some parents thought rocket power was too dangerous for their children

rocket power was created in 1999 by Arlene Klasky and Gábor Csupó. rocket power is centered around a group of young friends from California who are obsessed with all things extreme sports.

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The show offered a fresh take on Nickelodeon’s “group of kids who just got into trouble” premise and ventured to teach kids that compassion and friendship were more important than winning. even when you’re good at something. Despite its quirky and creative premise, which later inspired shows such as Disney XD Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil, rocket power couldn’t get the same ratings as other slice of life hits like Hi Arnold!

2 As Ginger said tried to be original and viewers didn’t get it

2000s As Ginger tells revolves around middle school student Ginger Foutley as she navigates through college dealing with typical issues for a girl her age. This slice-of-life cartoon, with its quirky animation style and simple premise, was a quintessential teen story of the early 2000s.

However, as shown Zoe 101 and the Rugrats spin off, All grown up battled for dominance as Nickelodeon’s major teen comedy, As Ginger tells was unfortunately left in the dust.

1 Fans just didn’t seem to get behind my gym partner’s monkey

My gym partner is a monkey is a short-lived Cartoon Network show that follows the adventures of human Adam Lyon as he journeys through his all-animal college with his new friend, Jake Spidermonkey, who is, unsurprisingly, an ape.

It’s no secret that the premise of the show was unknown to Cartoon Network, or any other network for that matter, at the time of its premiere. However, no matter how original its story or its star-studded cast, which included voice acting legends Tom Kenny and Phil Lamarr, My gym partner is a monkey was gradually eclipsed by another show featuring a human child living among non-human creatures, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

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